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iL24 Digital Logic Interface

The iL24 module can communicate with external behavioral components using 24 bits of 5 V or 3.3 V TTL logic signals.

  • There are four bit-wise inputs and four bit-wise outputs available with BNC connectors and status light for each
  • The DB25 connector has access to all 24 addressable bits
  • Two rows of 8 status LEDs on the front panel show the state of the word input and output bits
  • The front panel switch toggles between +3.3 V and +5 V logic for all 24 bits of I/O on the iL24
  • Each bit can source up to 6 mA maximum current

See the Hardware Manual for information on iL24 technical specifications.

iL24 Options

iL24 Interface

Click on a port to enable it. Set the Name of the port to something that makes sense for your experiment, e.g. 'NosePoke'.

iL24 Input Options

All iL24 inputs go through a logical input processor. See Logic Input Processor for more details.

iL24 Output Options

All iL24 outputs go through a logical output processor. See Logic Output Processor for more details.

After you define a port, you can modify it or move it by right-clicking on the port.

iL24 Context Menu