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Common Use Cases

Insert a single channel input into a multi-channel data stream at specific user-specified channels. Choose a channel for electrical stimulation. Can also be used to route audio signal to a speaker array (channel in DAC Montage).

Data Stored
Epoc (optional) User selected channels, when any channel changes
Output Multi-channel floating point output
ChanSel-* (optional) Selected channel numbers
Par Output Full parameter stream

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The Injector inserts a single channel input into a multi-channel data stream at channels you specify. For example, use this to send a given stimulation pattern to one or more specific channels on a stimulator, with full dynamic control at runtime.


For more advanced electrical stimulation control, see the Electrical Stim Driver gizmo

Injector Configuration Options

General Tab

General Tab

General Options

The Injector can operate on an existing multi-channel stream (Pass Thru) or generate a multi-channel stream of constants (Generator) with the given Fill Value.

Each single channel input (Signal-A and Signal-B) can be injected on up to four channels, chosen in the Parameters tab.

Parameters Tab

Parameter Files Tab

Use the parameters table to define how the injection channels are selected. See Using Parameters for more information on working with parameters tables.