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Hardware Reference

The hardware choices that you make in the Rig Editor appear as gray icons in the Processing Tree. Your experiment choices are mapped to the hardware in your rig and Synapse generates the required code instructions, automatically optimized for your hardware. Synapse also exposes the configuration options through an Options page for each piece of hardware. This gives you a streamlined way to make experiment-specific hardware choices, such as the number of recording channels, operational modes, and input sources.

Device settings for an experiment are displayed in the Options area of the designtime interface when the device is selected in the Processing Tree. Any change to hardware options must be committed or reverted by clicking the corresponding button in the Options area.

Getting Help From Within Synapse

You can access this manual directly within Synapse by clicking the information icon shown in the Options icon bar of any hardware object. This opens the web version of the Synapse Manual. If there is currently no internet access, it opens the local PDF and jumps you to the page for the hardware object you are currently looking at.