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BH32 Behavioral Controller Interface

The BH32 interface can send and/or receive bit-wise or byte-wise UDP packets to the BH32 Behavioral Cage Controller. The physical RZ processor must have an Ethernet port on the back (labeled "UDP") and the BH32 must be on the same network as the RZ processor.

Adding BH32 to your Rig and Processing Tree

The BH32 isn't added to the rig automatically.

To add a BH32:

  1. Click Menu, then Edit Rig.

  2. In the Rig Editor, right-click your system's RZ processor, then click Add BH32.

  3. Click OK to close the Rig Editor and update the Processing Tree.


The BH32 communicates with the RZ processor through the Ethernet port. It sends and receives UDP packets out the RZ to external devices.

BH32 Options

BH32 Options

All bits are controlled through the Bank A, B, C, D tabs.

All of the output bits are controlled by either a Synapse signal link or via the API Access. Whenever the input signals change, a new packet is sent to the BH32.

All of the input bits are available as an output links in Synapse that can be connected to other gizmos.

There is a NewPacket TTL signal that strobes when new data is received.

BH32 Misc Tab

Select the Save Raw Word check box to store the received packet in the data tank as a timestamped event.

See the BH32 section of the System 3 Manual for more information about BH32 setup and operation.