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Gizmo Reference

Getting Help

Each gizmo reference in this manual includes four sections:

  1. Common Use Cases A brief description, common use cases, and common inputs and outputs. For a list of all gizmos in this manual organized by category, see Gizmo Categories.

  2. Gizmo Help Slides These provide a bit more in depth information on each each gizmo. These are also available directly in Synapse when browsing gizmos. See Gizmo Slides Window below.

  3. Examples Any available examples that include this gizmo are listed here.

  4. Reference The rest of each gizmo section is specific details for working with each gizmo.

From Within Synapse

You can access this manual directly within Synapse by clicking the information icon shown in the Options icon bar of any gizmo. This opens the web version of the Synapse Manual. If there is currently no internet access, it opens the local PDF and jumps you to the page for the gizmo you are currently looking at.

Gizmo Slides Window

The Gizmo Slides Window provides a top-level view of the currently selected gizmo. The slides window is available by clicking the '?' button above the Processing Tree.

Each gizmo has a set of slides that show common use cases, example connection diagrams, common inputs and outputs, an overview of the user interface, common API parameters, and more.

When you select a new gizmo, the slides for that gizmo are shown. This is helpful when you are getting to know the user interface and what all the gizmos do.

PCA Spike Sorting Gizmo Slide Example

Here is a legend for the common icons found in the gizmo slides: