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General Purpose Filter

Common Use Cases

The General Purpose Filter gizmo implements highpass, lowpass, and notch filters and supports control of corner frequencies at runtime.

Main Single or multi-channel floating point filtered signal

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Filter Configuration Options

Set filter order, bandwidth, and default corner frequencies.

Options Tab

Filtering Options

When Enable Run Time Controls Check Box is checked, the corner frequency controls are added as a tabbed page in the runtime plot window.


Notch filters can't be enabled/disabled at runtime. See the Neural Stream Processor gizmo if you require that.


Filter settings are arranged with columns for settings and a row for each filter.

Filter Order is the number of bi-quad filters to use for the highpass/lowpass filters. Set the filter Corner Frequency for each filter.

Cut Depth is how effective each notch filter is (in dB). Set the notch Center Frequency and Bandwidth (in octaves) to determine the sharpness of the notch filter.