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Common Use Cases

Combine up to eight single or multi-channel streams into a single multi-channel stream. Use this gizmo to send separate data into a single multi-channel stream for processing in other gizmos or storage.

Main Merged multi-channel signal

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The Merger gizmo takes up to eight single-channel integer or floating point inputs, or up to eight multichannel inputs, from other gizmos or HALs and merges them into a single multichannel output.

Merger Configuration Options

Options Area

Merger Configuration Options

Each Merger gizmo can take either single channel or multi-channel inputs, but can't mix them. The source that is first assigned to the SigIn-1 input determines which signal type can be selected for subsequent sources. The type can't be changed without deleting the gizmo.

Input Signals value box

Select the number of input signals that you want to merge into one multi-channel output (between 2 and 8).

When increasing the number of signals, commit the change then display the block diagram to select the additional input sources. Commit again to see them updated in the matrix.

The output channel count is always a multiple of two, and is always greater than or equal to four.