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iXn Lux Optical Interface

The iX6 iCon module drives integrated LEDs and records fluorescent responses for fiber photometry and optogenetics applications.  Each module can be configured with up to three LEDs from a wide selection of wavelengths.

  • Drives up to three integrated LED outputs of selectable wavelengths from TDT's Lux product line.
  • Measures and records fluorescent responses via two integrated photosensor inputs.
  • Monitors light power output at the subject level with an integrated photo meter.

See the Hardware Manual for information on iX6 technical specifications.

iXn Options

iX6 Interface

Start by clicking the cycle button to automatically detect the Lux Pods.

iX6 After Detect

Then attach a Fiber Photometry gizmo to the RZ in your Processing Tree. The iX6 configuration will propagate to the Fiber Photometry gizmo that it attaches to.

iX6 Attached to Fiber Photometry Gizmo

See the Fiber Photometry User Guide for more usage information.