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How to Update Synapse

Update to the latest version of Synapse by following these steps:

  1. Download and Install the latest TDT Drivers and RPvdsEx from the downloads page on our website. This installation will require a reboot.

  2. Update the microcode on your devices. (Ensure the RZ system is connected and turned on)

    1. Open zBUSmon (black icon on the desktop or in C:\TDT\zDrv3).

    2. Click the Update All Devices button.

      • A time warning will be displayed. Most processors can be programmed in four minutes; however, the RZ processors may take up to 40 minutes (five minutes per DSP). If your system contains several devices this process could take significant time.
    3. Click Yes to continue.


      The PC should not be used for other tasks while devices are being reprogrammed.

      1. If programming an RX device, a message will be displayed. Press and hold the Mode button on the front panel of the RX device and then click Retry. Release the Mode button when the front panel of the RX device displays Firmware: BLANK or Firmware: Burning.

      2. When programming has completed you are returned to the zBUSmon window and the driver version should be displayed in the device diagram.

  3. In Synapse, go to Menu → About → Check for Updates in Synapse. This will automatically download and install the latest version of Synapse.

  4. Review the Release Notes for this version.

  5. You are ready to begin using Synapse!

If you have any questions or problems during your update, contact