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Python Coding Gizmo

Common Use Cases

The Python Coding Gizmo ("Pynapse") tightly integrates Python coding into your Synapse experiment. With Pynapse you can: control your experiment flow, build and deliver stimuli, run complex behavioral paradigms, do custom analysis and visualization.

Data Stored
Epoc (optional) Timestamps for each input,
output, and state change
Logic (optional) Control signals
Continuous (optional) Custom stim waveform
Parameters (optional) Control of stim parameters


See the full Pynapse User Guide here.

Video Demonstrations

Follow along with these videos for a full experiment walkthrough using Pynapse.

Intro to iCon & Pynapse: Part 1

Learn how to set up the iCon in Synapse and use the Pynapse gizmo for behavioral experiments.

Intro to iCon & Pynapse: Part 2

Learn how to use the Pynapse State Machine to create scalable behavioral experiments.