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iL24 Digital Logic Interface


The iL24 module can communicate with external behavioral components using 24 bits of 5 V or 3.3 V TTL logic signals. There are 12 input bits and 12 output bits. Each direction has 4 addressable bits and 1 addressable byte.

  • There are four bit-wise inputs and four bit-wise outputs available with BNC connectors and status light for each
  • The DB25 connector has access to all 24 addressable bits
  • Two rows of 8 status LEDs on the front panel show the state of the word input and output bits
  • The front panel switch toggles between +3.3 V and +5 V logic for all 24 bits of I/O on the iL24
  • Each bit can source up to 6 mA maximum current

For information on software control of the iL24, see the Synapse Manual.

DB25 Pinout

iL24 pinout, looking into the connector

Pin Name Description Pin Name Description
1 BO1 BNC Output 14 BO2 BNC Output
2 BO3 15 BO4
3 BI1 BNC Input 16 BI2 BNC Input
4 BI3 17 BI4
5 GND Ground 18 DO0 Word Output
6 DO1 Word Output 19 DO2
7 DO3 20 DO4
8 DO5 21 DO6
9 DO7 22 DI0 Word Input
10 DI1 Word Input 23 DI2
11 DI3 24 DI4
12 DI5 25 DI6
13 DI7