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Ephys & fMRI System


This functional MRI system is designed for Primate and Rodent work and works in high Tesla environments such as those found with rodent fMRI.

The combination of MRI compatible Headstages (LP16CH, LP32CH) and our PZ5 NeuroDigitizer amplifier allows users to record single unit activity in an fMRI environment. The LP16CH-ZNF is designed with nickel-free Omnetics connectors and active electronics to provide an excellent signal in an fMRI coil. Cable lengths of up to 4 meters are possible with this active interface. The PZ5 amplifier’s large input range ensures that during a scan the amplifier does not saturate; recovery of the signal begins immediately after the scan.

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LP16CH-ZNF – Non-Ferrous Headstage

MRI Compatible Headstage

TDT’s 16 and 32 channel MRI compatible headstages minimize imaging artifacts. They have been used in 3T and 7T MRI for non-human primates and in 9T and 11T for rodents. The small headstage design easily fits into small-bore fMRI machines.

The LP16CH-ZNF uses non-ferrous materials and can be used when recording single-unit electrophysiology during fMRI neuroimaging.

LP16CH-ZNF Headstage

MRI Compatibility Kit

Includes several handy accessories to make the setup and optimization of fMRI recording sessions easier:

  • Non-ferrous shorting blocks that are great for evaluating noise levels prior to collecting electrophysiology data from subjects
  • Extension cables that have minimal signal loss (out to 4 meters) and allow for flexible placement of the PZ5.
  • RF filter that minimizes signal artifact, making the PZ5 amplifi er compatible with the MRI

Synapse MRI Gizmo

The MRI Recording Processor gizmo removes MRI scanner artifacts in single unit and LFP data in real time. Easily tune the settings to automatically detect and remove artifacts in the electrophysiological data stream.

The MRI gizmo easily drops in to connect with any spike sorting gizmos for online analysis.

Experimental Control and Design with Synapse Software

Spike detection and LFP analysis

Synapse provides function-specific Gizmos and experiment templates to automate all but the highest level design steps.


A streamlined software interface automates DSP level programming to bring speed and ease to complex experiment design tasks.


Synapse Suite

User Configurable RPvdsEX

Create your own User Gizmos, using RPvdsEx, for custom processing or signal averaging.