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Auditory Stimulation


TDT provides software and hardware solutions for auditory presentation. Our system delivers complex and simple sounds to insects, marine mammals, and non-human and human primates, as well as standard mice and rat models.

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Auditory Presentation

The versatile RZ6 processor can handle high frequency sound production for Ultra Sonic Vocalizations (USV) for mouse vocalizations, as well as standard audio sample rates for psychoacoustic and EEG recordings for humans. The integrated digital I/O receives time stamps from your 3rd party devices, such as two-photon microscopes and behavioral control devices.

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Control Auditory Stimulation

Our Synapse software has all the functionality to control simple and complex auditory presentation. The built-in Auditory Stimulation Gizmo allows the user to control the presentation rate, frequency and intensity of simple tones, or complex AM and FM modulated waveforms and band limited noise. Also, upload complex waveforms and recordings for audio presentation with the File Stimulation Gizmo.

Audio Stimulation Gizmo    File Stimulation Gizmo


Design Complex Audio Paradigms

This easy-to-use sequence builder allows users to build and control all stimulation parameters. Generate random or ordered stimulation patterns for tuning curves or oddball paradigms for Mismatch Negativity and P300 measurements. Control the stimulus presentation from external programs such as MATLAB, Python or use our embedded Python scripting application, Pynapse.

Parameter Sequencer Gizmo