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Behavioral Control, Simplified


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TDT has a single system for behavioral control and fiber photometry.

The iCon controls your behavioral devices through TDT’s RZ10X processor for fiber photometry. The iCon is also hardware compatible with most third-party behavioral chambers.

The iCon hardware is programmed in the same software that runs fiber photometry – Synapse.  The Pynapse Gizmo was developed for Synapse and is a coding environment for state-based behavioral tasks.

Simultaneously record fiber photometry and time-locked behavior with TDT.

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Behavioral Control with the iCon

The iCon is a simple-to-use behavioral control interface. The iCon has interchangeable modules to fit the needs of any experimental paradigm. Modules for the iCon include:

High Voltage Interface | iH10

For third-party devices requiring high voltage, such as food dispensers and lever presses

Multi-Function Interface | iM10

This analog I/O controls auditory speakers and microphones. The interface also has a touch sensor for lickometers

Other iCon modules are available for IR drivers and sensors (iR5) and digital logic (iL24).

Using the Pynapse Gizmo

Behavior and Fiber Photometry in Synapse

The Synapse software controls all aspects of event-based behavioral tasks and fiber photometry. The Pynapse Gizmo is a coding interface for behavior control for Synapse.

Pynapse makes it easy to program event-based behavior and drive the iCon. Encoded states will change based on subject inputs via the iCon, other event outcomes, or timers. Information in Pynapse is easily accessible from MATLAB and Excel, and all data is saved into one log file for easy retrieval.

Use Synapse and Pynapse to run self-administration and fear-conditioning tasks.

RZ10X for Fiber Photometry

TDT’s Fiber Photometry is an out-of-the-box solution designed for researchers. Our user-friendly Synapse software provides a seamless interface to the real-time LUX RZ10X processor.

With Synapse, record and view your fluorophore responses in real-time while behavior and video data is automatically time-locked. TDT allows you to focus on the research, not the equipment.