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32 Channel Ephys

Simple, Adaptable, and Scalable 32 Channel Count Neural Recording system



Get your lab up and running with this ideal, economical system. With TDT you’ll never sacrifice functionality for price because each and every system is built with our sophisticated technology to serve your dynamic goals. Acquire, process, and analyze neural spikes with the RZ5D Base Processor. Use it to receive real-time updates from your behavioral control boxes and to control signals from stimulus isolators. Our multi-modal PZ5 NeuroDigitizer amplifier offers an unparalleled dynamic range at an affordable price. And as your research changes, your TDT system will grow with you – components are easily added and upgraded.

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Speed and Automation brought to Experiment Design

Synapse Software

Synapse is the ultimate software for neurophysiology experiment design, user management, and data collection. Synapse provides a large collection of popular ready-made building blocks, called “Gizmos”,  to generate your experiment, or you can choose one of the provided templates for an even faster out-of-box start-up.

See the Difference

Add Complete, Integrated Electrical Stimulation Capabilities

Deliver complex stimulus patterns with unprecedented precision and flexibility or mix isolated stimulation and neural signal recording in one versatile device by adding TDT’s Subject Interface.

  • Customize up to 8 banks with stimulation, analog and digital recording (up to 128 channels of stimulation or recording mix and match)
  • Control visual stimulus generators or olfactometers
  • Stimulate up to 5 mA per channel with 10 nA resolution and +/-15V compliance

Subject Interface Stimulator

Integrated Auditory Stimulation

Add the RZ6 and MF1o to create two channels of high-fidelity, wide bandwidth, acoustic stimulation. This synchronized system extension is complete with programmable attenuation and transducers.

RZ6 Auditory Processor

Exceptional processing power and a sample rate of ~100 kHz.

MF1 Magnetic Speakers

High fidelity speakers for low frequency and noise exposure studies.

Auditory Workstation