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Auditory Evoked Potentials

Integrated Auditory Stimulation and concurrent EEG recordings in humans and NHP


The RZ6 Multi-I/O processor and the PZ5 amplifier are all you need to deliver perfectly synchronized auditory presentation and acquire 32 channels of EEG, ECoG, or LFP recordings.

Time critical signals for mismatch negativity and P300 or binaural presentations require precise interstimulus intervals and microsecond timing. The RZ6 real-time processor eliminates random delays for precise stimulus presentation.

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Design Auditory Paradigms and Record Evoked Responses

The Synapse software is perfect for integrating neural recordings with auditory presentation. The software comes with built-in paradigms for tone presentation, AM and FM modulation, and broad band noise presentation. Easily design complex presentations such as oddball paradigms for Mismatch Negativity and P300 experiments.

With Synapse, record the continuous EEG or ECoG signal along with the evoked response from the stimulus presentation. View in real-time evoked signals on all 32 electrodes or generate montages of responses between two or more electrodes using TDT’s powerful mapping tools.

Pynapse is our integrated Python coding environment and provides the perfect tool for source localization maps. Additional online analysis can also be performed in Matlab using Synapse API or exported to Matlab for offline analysis.