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64-256 Channel Ephys

Neural Recording System Ideal for Tetrode and Complex Signal Processing



Acquire and process up to 16 Tetrodes in real-time with this powerhouse system. Easily control external devices such as optogenetic stimulators, TDT’s proven Subject Interface stimulus isolator, and behavioral control systems.

Our low-profile, high-channel count ZIF-Clip® headstage provides the best connection to any standard arrays and Tetrode interface boards. Pair your system with our Synapse Software Suite – the TetSort tetrode software uniquely provides tetrode sorting right on the device, giving you unmatched real-time control. Choose from 8 parameters to cluster your tetrodes: peak, valley, height, energy, non-linear energy, average, area, and slope. Ideal for researchers starting simple and looking to expand – the system is easily scalable to 128 channels or more.

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Add Video Capture with the RV2

The RV2 video tracker is the ideal add-on for researchers working with awake behaving animals. Harness the power of digital video recording and real-time tracking with the RV2. Quickly set up complex tracking with precise synchronization for frame-by-frame correlation between video data and other recorded system signals.

RV2 Video Processor

The WS-8 Workstation: Built for Compatibility

Finally, a computer as powerful as your TDT equipment! The WS-8 has been custom built with rapid system booting, removable data storage, and an exceptional graphics card. The icing on the cake? The WS-8 is rack-mountable to minimize your system footprint.

*Also available with 4 cores – ask about the WS-4.

WS-8 Workstation