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TDT’s System 3 product family has expanded steadily with over 30 years of innovation.
A complete line of modular DSP-based data acquisition and stimulus generation systems.

Powerful Processors & Time-proven Architecture

We develop and build the world’s most advanced systems for neurophysiology research. TDT’s System 3 product family has expanded steadily with over 30 years of innovation.

At TDT, we deliver specialized powerful processors and instrumentation for basic and applied research in neurophysiology, hearing and speech sciences, and general data acquisition applications.

The best solution is the one that is designed for the task at hand.

We believe integrated vertical solutions, designed for the task at hand, yield the best solutions.

In keeping with our commitment to innovative product development, TDT has built a Research and Development department with a full-time staff of scientists and engineers, focused exclusively on creating new devices and methods for bioscience research. Our portfolio now includes everything from electrodes to specialized powerful processors and the software to run them.

In-house R&D

Our goal is to supply you with the highest quality and the most up-to-date technology available at an affordable price.

Our imaginative team of R&D engineers identify target products, design and fabricate prototypes, and focus on improving and expanding current hardware and software products. They play a critical role in ensuring you get a high quality product that is both user-friendly and cost-effective for your research laboratory.

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Informed innovation with proven commitment to your research.

Each phase—from development, testing, board layout, component assembly and systems integration—is performed by highly trained and dedicated TDT team members.

TDT professionals are a dedicated group of scientists, engineers, technical support specialists, manufacturing technicians and customer service staff with one job in mind: to ensure you get the products and assistance you need.

Unparalleled Support

In-house knowledgeable product & service support means the people who work with you not only have an intimate knowledge of our equipment, but many have research experience in neuroscience, so we understand your needs and your research.

Our Technical Support Engineers and Application Specialists have advanced degrees in Biomedical Engineering from topflight schools and many have research experience in neuroscience and physiology.

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