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EEG, ECoG, and EMG

A Matchless System, Scalable from 32 to 1024 Channels


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Researchers worldwide use this robust system to record an almost endless variety of biopotentials including EEG, ECoG, and EMG. With TDT, your signal processing capabilities enable real-time power band analysis for BMI or direct export to Open Source BMI software. The optically isolated PZ5 NeuroDigitizer amplifier features fully differential amplification and onboard impedance measurement. Additional real-time control includes common reference averaging for signal denoising and wave rectified EMG signals to calculate contraction force.

Achieve synchronized stimulus generalization using onboard analog output or by adding high-quality stimulation modules. Data delay will never be a concern again – your system can continuously collect data 24/7, all in real-time. TDT’s Synapse software provides experimental control in a user-friendly design interface.

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A Single System with Endless Applications:

  • Digitize waveforms at sampling rates up to ~ 50 kHz
  • Transmit waveforms to a DSP base station over a noiseless fiber optic link
  • Synchronized stimulus generation and data acquisition
  • Grow and evolve your experiments – DSP based systems provide complete flexibility, eliminating the limitations of other software

RZ2 Bioamp Processor

EEG, ECoG, and EMG Recording Control and Experimental Design with Synapse Software

See the difference for neurophysiology experiment design, data collection, and project management.

  • Timestamped waveforms, stimulus parameters, and external events stored into a single data set
  • Easy to configure multi-channel plots
  • Built-in access to RPvdsEx for custom processing

Synapse Software