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Introducing the iCon

TDT’s newest innovation! The iCon is an easy-to-use modular behavioral control interface designed to manage behavioral chambers during training and experimentation.

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Customer Spotlight: Mowery and Yao

TDT interviews Todd Mowery on his use of the iPac to study the relationship between the vestibular system and decision making.

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Customer Spotlight: Drs. Todd Mowery and Justin Yao

Congratulations to Dr. Todd Mowery and Dr. Justin Yao at Rutgers University for their recent publication in Frontiers in Neurology

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High Throughput Behavioral Research

The iPac lets you control up to 8 behavioral experiments at the same time – even with independent paradigms.


RZ10X Fiber Photometry

TDT’s Fiber Photometry is an out-of-the-box solution. Easily configure the RZ10X to record multiple fluorophores in multiple sites while time-locking with behavior and video data.

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iConZ for Behavioral Neuroscience

The iConZ is customized to fit the exact behavioral paradigm you want to run.


Tucker-Davis Technologies designs and builds research equipment and software for the neuroscience community.

From Design to Support

From Design to Support

From design to manufacturing to support, TDT provides complete hardware and software solutions for optical neuroscience, neurophysiology, and auditory research – all under one roof!

About TDT

Custom-Built Systems

Custom-Built Systems

We have always overseen every aspect of our design and production. TDT’s adaptable approach to engineering allows us to meet the changing needs of our customers.


Unparalleled Support

Unparalleled Support

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality technical support to help you get the most out of your equipment. Every product is carefully assembled, calibrated, and tested before shipping.


Five-Year Warranty

Five-Year Warranty

We hold our customers in the highest regard and pride ourselves on our customer service. TDT leads the industry with a five-year warranty on our products and systems.


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