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Psychoacoustics System

An Ideal System for Human Acoustic Studies



For over 25 years, TDT has developed flexible platforms for auditory signal processing, customized to your research. We provide the most powerful, real-time audio processor. Design and present virtually any waveform, from simple to complex, without scripting or coding. Conduct rapid modifications of HRTFs for your virtual audio presentation. Control FIR filters for signal normalization. For acquisition of body position, connect directly to your motion tracker. Perfect your system with SykofizX, a robust software program offering a vast array of experimental paradigms and customization options. What are you waiting for?

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SykofizX – A Flexible Software Platform

With onboard wizards and an extensive library of examples, SykofizX guides you through your experimental setup and allows for custom experimental paradigms. SykofizX is an easy to use tool for sound calibration, hardware configuration, subject interfaces and standard psychophysics methods such as adaptive tracking.