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512 Channel Ephys System

A Modular, High Channel-Count Neural Recording System


Need more data? This system puts 512 channels of broadband recording and real-time control at your fingertips. Every channel is simultaneously sampled and user-specific processing is performed on the fly. Rack mount your system in a cart for easy portability. Use any combination of headstages to match your electrode configurations. Is a 512 channel still not enough? Easily scale your system by adding additional amplifiers to reach 1024 channels and beyond!

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The WS-8 Workstation: Built for Compatibility

Finally, a computer as powerful as your TDT equipment. The WS-8 has been custom built with rapid system booting, removable data storage and an exceptional graphics card. The icing on the cake? The WS-8 is rack-mountable to minimize your system footprint.

*Also available with 4 Core, ask about the WS-4.

WS-8 Workstation

Powerful Data Analysis with Synapse Software

Enhance your software functionality with these extensions:

  • Animate playback of stored data for dynamic visualization of neural activity
  • Select and sort data on the fly during acquisition
  • Take control of data analysis using semi-automated or completely manual sorting modes


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