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Behavioral Neuroscience

Integrated behavioral training and real-time synchronization

Behavior for the Next Generation

TDT has expanded our tool kit for behavioral neuroscience. TDT’s integrated hardware and software solution controls any existing behavioral paradigm. Perform simple self-administration, startle responses, and more complex operant-conditioning paradigms – all with precise timing and perfect integration with TDT’s neurophysiology and fiber photometry recordings.

iCon for Behavioral Interfacing

First – the Hardware

TDT developed the iCon for behavioral interfacing, and it contains several adaptable hardware modules. There are high voltage inputs and outputs for controlling existing behavioral devices, such as feeders, nose pokes and lights. There are also expansions for auditory presentation (e.g. for startle responses), lickometers, IR sensors for detecting arena position, and standard digital i/o for programming external DIY devices. The iCon connects to TDT’s high-speed processor for precise, sub-millisecond control of outgoing commands and incoming signals.

Synapse and Pynapse for Behavioral Coding

Next – the Software

The Synapse software immediately detects the iCon and configures the hardware modules. Users can name components on the iCon for easy-to-follow variables. The Pynapse Gizmo is a state-based programming environment for behavior control. Encoded states will change based on an animal’s input via the iCon, other event outcomes, or timers. Code and setup trials in Pynapse to measure an animal’s response and then provide the necessary reward or punishment at the end of a trial.  All data is saved into one log file for easy retrieval.