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Behavioral Neuroscience

Tools for coding and executing behavioral experiments

Behavior for the Next Generation

TDT’s behavioral neuroscience systems integrate hardware modules to control behavioral boxes with state-of-the-art Python-based behavioral control software.

Program the system for common paradigms like Pavlovian, Operant, Fear Conditioning, Self-Administration, and Startle Response. Each system can control a video camera for off-line animal tracking and behavior marking.

Our behavioral neuroscience hardware offers several options to fit your precise needs. Each system setup can be configured with different modules designed for the tasks you want to execute:

  1. The iConZ is a standalone system for behavioral experiments
  2. The iPac lets you run up to 8 animals with identical or independent paradigms for high throughput behavior
  3. The iCon integrates behavioral tasks with fiber photometry and electrophysiology data

The power behind the system is the Synapse and Pynapse software. Synapse is an easy-to-use application for programming real-time control systems. Pynapse is a smart application that recognizes hardware modules, control devices, and user-designed interfaces. Its Python-based behavioral state system uses an auto-complete function that minimizes the coding of your experimental design.

Simplified Behavioral Control

The iConZ

The iConZ is a stand alone system for behavioral neuroscience. Each device has a signal processor, a communication link via USB to a Windows based computer, and interfaces for a modules to control behavioral cages. This cuts out the need for an external TDT processor – everything you need is built in.

The iConZ is controlled by TDT’s synapse application and Pynapse behavioral control software.  The iConZ integrated with Synapse and Pynapse is designed for both large and small facilities for research and training purposes.

High Throughput Behavioral Control

The iPac

The iPac system allows for expansion of your behavioral control systems.

Each iPac controls up to 8 iConZ’s and allows real-time control over each system. Each iConZ runs its own behavioral control program providing the ability to run multiple animals each with their own paradigms and training states.

Modular Behavioral Control

The iCon

The iCon is a simple-to-use behavioral control interface designed to support easy or complex experiments. With interchangeable analog and digital modules to fit the needs of any experimental paradigm, it can control most third-party behavioral chambers.

Once trained, the iCon system integrates into your research system for fiber photometry and electrophysiology.

Train, test, and record all with one system and software.