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Medusa4Z Amplifier

The Medusa4Z Amplifier is a low noise, 4-channel amplifier for evoked neural responses. The device is a drop-in replacement for your existing ABR amplifier with a lower noise floor and greater dynamic range.

With an ultra-low noise and 24-bit, high-fidelity digitization circuit developed for our high channel count PZ amplifiers, the Medusa4Z amplifier will get you to threshold faster and with less distortion than ever before.

Research Uses

Product Specs


4 channel, Ultra Low Noise

  • Ultra-low noise input with less than 400nv rms @ 3 kHz bandwidth
  • Li-Poly batteries with ~40 operational hours and rapid recharging
  • Familiar pocket size design with fiber optic isolation
  • 4 input channels with shared reference and separate ground
  • Easy electrode connection via standard touch-proof connectors