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iH Module

The High Voltage Interface (iH8 and iH16) seamlessly integrates with third-party behavioral cages (Med Associates™, Coulbourn™, PanLab™, and Lafayette Instruments™) for control of devices like feeders, cue lights, and/or for detection of lever presses, nose pokes, and other subject driven events.

The user friendly controls and easy to understand language in the Synapse software allow the iH to unlock new potential from the devices you already have.


Research Uses


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The iH module has user selectable inputs and outputs. You no longer need to purchase extra modules that have a limited number of inputs and outputs.

The iH features include:

  • 8 or 16 interface ports that can be configured as inputs or outputs
  • Specialized interfaces,  manifolds, connect your module to most third party behavioral boxes
  • Multiple ways to test and debug the hardware and software, such as trigger lights and buttons
  • User friendly controls and language throughout the Synapse software


Integrate with Synapse and Pynapse

The iH module hardware seamlessly integrates with TDT’s Synapse software and its behavioral control Gizmo, Pynapse for run time control of cue lights, feeders, and your other behavioral devices.

Pynapse has built-in features that simplify the configuration of behavioral paradigms and give users complete experimental control. Quickly design a simple or complex task using the integrated Python coding. Pynapse displays all behavioral events – lever presses, rewards, and other experimental metrics in real-time to allow for rapid and efficient changes to task requirements in response to the subject’s skill set.