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Acute Headstages

Headstages for High Impedance Probes

The 16, 32 and 64 channel headstages are designed for direct connection to acute NeuroNexus probes. The 4 and 16 channel headstages can also be used with metal microelectrodes (16 channel version via a 0.5 mm adapter) and are available with unity or 4x gain.

Research Uses


  • Disease model of Epilepsy
  • Brain machine interface
  • Brain function research

Acute Headstages

RA16AC & RA16AC4
Connect this headstage directly to NeuroNexus acute 16-channel electrodes or use it with metal microelectrodes via a 0.5 mm adapter. This small form factor is also available with 4x gain.

This headstage is designed for the 64 and 32-channel acute NeuroNexus probes. Its miniature electronics occupy the same small footprint as our 16-channel acute headstages.

The four channel acute headstages use a low-profile connector for a slim form factor and are available with a unity or 4x gain. This economical 6-pin design provides easy connection to metal microelectrodes for lower channel count systems. The RA4AC1/RA4AC4 is also provided with a 6-pin male connector with flying leads.

Note: The RA16AC, RA16AC4, NN64AC and NN32AC are available in ZIF-Clip compatible versions.