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TDT has a single system for behavioral control and neurophysiology. Easily integrate behavioral events with electrophysiology for perfectly synchronized recordings.

The iCon communicates seamlessly with most third-party behavioral chambers through TDT’s family of RZ processors. Ensure perfect timing of neural signals and behavior with no data loss.

The iCon is programmed in the same software used for neurophysiology – Synapse.  The Pynapse Gizmo  is a coding environment that controls the iCon and runs in Synapse. Easily design sophisticated state-based behavioral tasks with Pynapse.

View real-time neural activity and behavioral responses with TDT for rapid validation of your experimental protocol.

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Behavioral Control with the iCon

The iCon is a simple-to-use behavioral control interface. The iCon has interchangeable modules to fit the needs of any experimental paradigm. Modules for the iCon include:

High Voltage Interface | iH10

For third-party devices requiring high voltage, such as food dispensers and lever presses

Multi-Function Interface | iM10

This analog I/O controls auditory speakers and microphones. The interface also has a touch sensor for lickometers

Other iCon modules are available for IR drivers and sensors (iR5) and digital logic (iL24).

Using the Pynapse Gizmo

Behavior and Neurophysiology in Synapse

Synapse is TDT’s all-in-one software to control and synchronize event-based behaviors with electrophysiology. Design sophisticated behavioral projects such as Go/No-Go paradigms and watch in real-time how behavioral responses alter neural firing rates.

Pynapse is Synapse’s embedded behavioral control Gizmo. Information from the behavioral rig (inputs, outputs, timers, etc.) is extracted into the Pynapse coding environment and built-in autocomplete assists with coding behavior paradigms.

Synapse is a single software for seamless integration of your event-based behavioral projects with neural recordings.

Neurophysiology Solutions

TDT provides a variety of ephys options for your behavioral neuroscience experiments.

Digitizing Headstage

Select TDT’s digitizing ZIF-clip headstage – with an integrated Intan chip – for your high channel count mouse studies.

Analog Amplifier

Or select TDT’s analog PZ5 amplifier and ZIF-clip headstages for high quality LFP and EEG recordings.

Electrical Stimulation

The Subject Interface expands on the PZ5 with the addition of dynamic electrical stimulation. Use the switching headstage to simultaneously stimulate and record through the same electrode array.