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ZIF-Clip® Headstages

16 to 128 channels

The ZIF-Clip® headstages feature an innovative, hinged headstage design that ensures quick, easy connection with almost no insertion force applied to the subject when connecting to electrodes or adapters.

Typical connectors, using friction locked pins, have proven unreliable and difficult to use. TDT’s solution to this seemingly insurmountable problem is the patented ZIF®-Clip headstage connector system: a miniature, low insertion-force set of connectors and headstages supporting from low 16 channels to up to 128 channel electrode arrays. This self-aligning design minimizes wear and tear on the pins so ZIF®-Clip headstages last longer than traditional micro connector designs.

ZIF-Clip® Analog Headstages   ZIF-Clip® Digital Headstages

Non-ZIF High-Impedance Headstages

Acute Headstages
Available for 64, 32, and 16 channel recording and designed for direct connection to acute NeuroNexus probes. The 4 and 16 channel headstages can also be used with metal microelectrodes (16 channel version via a 0.5 mm adaptor) and are available with unity or 4x gain.

Chronic Headstages
TDT chronic headstage features a low-profile female Omnetics nano connector, and is compatible with TDT microwire arrays as well as NeuroNexus chronic electrodes. The headstage weighs 1.2 g and connects to the preamplifier over a custom cable designed to maximize freedom of movement. The headstage can be used to record from subjects as small as the rat or mouse.

Omnetics Samtec DIP 6 pins

16 channels


32 channels


16 channels


4 channels


16 channels


64 channels


16 channels (4x gain)


4 channels (4x gain)


32 channels

*Available with non-ferrous materials

Switching Headstage

TDT’s switching headstage can rapidly stimulate and record on the same electrode. Record from an electrode array while simultaneously stimulating individual electrode channels.

Inside the “brains” of the switching headstage are fast switches (<100 µs) to minimize the delay between stimulation and recording and high-quality amplifiers to condition the signal.

Switching Headstage


Need help making the final connection between your headstage and your electrode? TDT offers a wide variety of adapters for ZIF®-Clip and other headstages. If you can’t find something that will work for your application, contact sales for assistance with a custom-engineered solution.

ZIF-Clip® Headstage Adapters   Non-ZIF Probe Adapters