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ZIF-Clip® Digital Headstages

TDT’s patented ZIF-Clip® technology, built with Intan’s highly integrated amplifier chip, yields a low noise electrode recording interface with a single replaceable cable and a zero insertion force connection.

Configured for high and low impedance recordings; the ZD ZIF-Clip® headstages are designed to work directly with our best and most versatile amplifier—the PZ5 multimodal NeuroDigitizer.

Research Uses

Product Specs


  • Auditory neuroscience
  • Awake behaving recordings
  • Electrophysiology
  • High and low count neurophysiology

High Channel Count Recordings, Miniature Technology Design

The miniature electronics contained within the headstage allow for high channel densities while maintaining an extremely compact structure. Suitable for both large and small animals and available in 32, 64 and 96 channel versions, our high and low channel mini devices can pass all full bandwidth signals using minimal wired connections. Fewer wires means reduced wiring complexity and increased reliability.

i.e. Our ZD96 is a 96 channel device that can pass all 96 full bandwidth signals using just 13 wired connections.

Minimize Down-Time and Increase Lab Efficiency with Detachable Digital Headstage Cables

Damage due to cable snags and bites no longer requires return or replacement of the entire headstage – TDT’s ZIF-Clip® Digital Headstages come with fully detachable cables to allow fast, convenient replacement for researchers working with behaving animals. These headstages are small and lightweight, and the detachable cables will lower long-term costs and minimize downtime in your lab.

ZIF-Clip® Digital Headstage with the PZ5 multimodal NeuroDigitizer

The ZD ZIF-Clip® headstages are designed to work directly with our multimodal NeuroDigitizer. The PZ5 can be configured for both analog and digital inputs and high and low impedance recordings, making it both powerful and efficient.

Ease of Connection with the ZIF-Clip® Headstage Holder

The ZIF-Clip® holder simplifies electrode insertion by securing your ZIF-Clip® headstage firmly, enabling use with most micromanipulators. Each holder uses a 3/32″ diameter, 3″ length rod and is designed for use with the specified ZIF-Clip® headstage dimension.