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ZIF-Clip® headstage adapters are available for use with a variety of chronic and acute implantable neural electrode styles. When using adapters, keep in mind that standard operation (differential vs single-ended) varies for acute and chronic preparations and headstages are designed accordingly. When adapting across preparations, carefully note and understand the use of the ground and reference connections provided on each adapter.

Standard operation for ZIF-Clip® headstages is differential. Headstage adapters designed for chronic electrodes can be configured for single-ended operation by tying ground and reference connections together on the adapter.

From an avid user of our ZIF-Clip® Based microwire arrays

When Dr. Steven Laviolette first contacted TDT he had just moved to the University Of Western Ontario In London and was setting up a new lab for his research on addictive behaviors in humans and animals. After contacting TDT and several other manufacturers, Dr. Laviolette quickly came to the conclusion that System 3’s unique combination of flexibility, configurability, and elegant engineering was the best long term solution for his lab.

Dr. Laviolette has found that our professionally manufactured probes provide more consistency without sacrificing the ability to customize. Each of his arrays is custom configured to follow the contours of the nucleus he is targeting and uses a reference wire very close to the recording site which minimizes the biological noise of muscle activity in his recordings.

Use the Electrodes of your choice or fall in love with TDT ZIF-Clip® based Microwire Arrays.

Dr. Laviolette has now expanded his research and lab to include awake, behaving experiments and video tracking and his use of standard condition paradigms along with protocols for looking at neural circuits has generated groundbreaking papers on the neurobiology of addiction and the role of Dopamine and GABA in addictive behaviors. As his research evolves we continue to work with him to support the complex behavioral and neurophysiological paradigms necessary for his ongoing research.

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Maximize Compatibility with TDT Headstage Adapters

A wide variety of adapters are available, allowing you to take advantage of ZIF-Clip® technology when using common probes, including probes from NeuroNexus, Plexon, Gray Matter, and CyberKinetics.

Compatible ZIF-Clip® Headstage Adapters Channels Part # Preparations Probe Connector
Utah Array Adapters 96 ZCA-CK96 Chronic 36-pin female micro socket header x 3 (1.27mm pins)
Omnetics Based Arrays 96 ZCA-OMN96 Chronic Chronic 36-pin female Omnetics dual row header x 3
NeuroNexus Acute Probes 64 ZCA-NN64 Acute 40-pin Samtec FOLC high density socket strip x 2 (1.27mm pins)
Mill-Max Based Probes 32 ZCA-MIL32 Chronic 40-pin Mill-Max dual row header 0.050″ pitch (1.27mm)
NeuroNexus Acute Probes 32 ZCA-NN32 Acute 40-pin Samtec FOLC high density socket strip (1.27mm pins)
Electrode Interface Board 32 ZCA‐EIB32
Electrode Interface Board 128 ZCA‐EIB128
Omnetics Based Arrays 32 ZCA-OMN32 Chronic 36-pin female Omnetics dual row header
Omnetics Based Arrays 64 ZCA64-FLEX-OMN Chronic 36-pin female Omnetics dual row header x 2
Plextrode® U-Probes 24 ZCA-UP24 Acute 36-pin female Omnetics dual row header (0.025″ pins)
Plextrode® U-Probes 16 ZCA-UP16 Acute 10-pin female Omnetics single row header (0.050″ pins) x 2
Mill-Max Based Probes 16 ZCA-MIL16 Chronic 18-pin Mill-Max dual row header 0.050″ pitch (1.27mm)
NeuroNexus Acute Probes 16 ZCA-DIP16 Acute 18-pin female DIP socket header (0.5mm pins)
Omnetics Based Arrays 16 ZCA-OMN16 Chronic 18-pin female Omnetics dual row header