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Switching Headstage


TDT’s switching headstage is an advanced headstage for seamless closed-loop electrophysiology that can rapidly stimulate and record on the same electrode. Record from an electrode array while simultaneously stimulating individual electrode channels and eliminate the need to physically connect and disconnect!

The switching headstage uses fast switches (<200 µs) to minimize the delay between stimulation and recording and high-quality amplifiers to condition the signal. Controlled from the Subject Interface through our Synapse software, you can easily program standard mono- and biphasic pulses as well as complex stimulation paradigms for current steering and arbitrary waveforms.

Research Uses

Product Specs

  • Current steering
  • Paired-pulse stimulation
  • Multi-array stimulation
  • Complex playback experiments
  • Record and stimulate across 16, 32, or 64 channels
  • Rapid, programmable recording and stimulation switching (~82µs for 16-channel, ~123µs for 32-channel, ~205µs for-64 channel)
  • High-resolution analog recording with 500 mV input range
  • High fidelity current or voltage controlled stimulation via the Subject Interface (SI)

Avaliable Switching Headstage Configurations


Part Number Recording Sites *Stimulation Channels Electrode Connection
ZC16_SW4 16 Channels 4 Stim Channels ZIF Clip
ZC32_SW8 32 Channels 8 Stim Channels ZIF Clip
ZC64_SW16 64 Channels 16 Stim Channels ZIF Clip

*The number of simultaneous stimulation channels that can be switched across any recording channels.