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LxM Optical Manifold

The TDT Manifold is a compact, modifiable filter cube for fiber photometry and optogenetic stimulation. Each Manifold is custom configured for standard optical sensors, like GcAMP, dLight, GRAB, and SnFR.  The Manifold is designed to grow with your research,  users can easily update and modify the sensor filters on the manifold to match the best isosbestic, excitation, and emission spectra of your favorite biosensor.


TDT provides filter configurations for standard GcAMP, dLight, and GRAB sensors. We will also look at configurating your manifold to match the ever expanding world of biosensors from sniffer to long wavelength dLight, RcAMP and GRAB sensors.


TDT’s four port systems are configured for standard ‘Green and Blue’ sensors, while TDTs six-port systems are configured for two biosensors or optogenetic stimulation and fiber photometry on the same site.

Research Uses

  • Fiber Photometry
  • Optogenetic Stimulation

TDT’s Fiber Optic kit simplifies the connection between the optical manifold and the RZ10x LEDs and photodetectors.  Purchase the 3-color (2 biosensor) or 2-color (one biosensor system and then add on additional optical cables for optogenetic stimulation).