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Synapse introduces the next generation of real-time software and hardware integration for large-scale neural networks studies. TDT brings your lab the ultimate neuroscience software platform for sophisticated automation, intelligent experiment design, and precise flexible control of TDT’s proven System 3 (S3) hardware for Neuroscience Research Systems.

Synapse provides a large collection of popular ready-made building blocks, called “Gizmos“, to generate your experiment or you can choose one of the provided templates for an even faster out-of-box start-up.


Research Uses


  • Neurophysiology
  • Optical Neuroscience
  • Auditory Research

Expert Customization without Complexity

A streamlined interface uses automation to bring speed and ease to the process of setting up your experiments and ensuring optimal use of your hardware components. Even the newest user of Synapse can design experiments and begin acquiring data with just a few moments of setup.

Behind it all, a powerful relational database tracks every aspect of each experiment, letting you roll back changes or move forward with different settings by user or subject. Synapse delivers the best performance possible, while delivering a groundbreaking user experience. Learn more and see the difference.

Synapse makes it easy - Synapse Software

See all the TDT Gizmos

  • PCA Spike Sorting
  • Box Spike Sorting
  • Tetrode Spike Sorting
  • LFP Processing
  • State Maker
  • General Purpose Filtering


  • Channel Mapping
  • Artifact Blocker
  • Epoc Event Storage
  • Stream Data Storage
  • More continually added…

All Synapse Gizmos

With intuitive point-and-click dialogues and informative block diagrams, gizmos add discrete blocks of functionality and can be utilized in endless ways.

For maximum flexibility and control, build your own custom gizmos using provided tools.

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Easy Upgrade Path from OpenEx

For current OpenEx users, the upgrade path is fast and painless. Most of the components of your current OpenEx experiment are available with Synapse gizmos. Any parts of the experiment that don’t match built-in tasks can easily be ported into Synapse User Designed gizmos.

Synapse fully supports custom applications written in MATLAB®, Python™, or any language that supports ActiveX; and integration with existing OpenEx applications such as OpenScope, OpenSorter, and OpenExplorer.