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This system does double-duty in your lab. The RZ5D Processor, SIM Subject Interface Module, and ACO32 motorized commutator serve to acquire, process and analyze neural spikes from awake, behaving subjects. Use it to receive real-time updates from your behavioral control boxes (such as Med Associates, Lafayette, and Coulbourn) and smoothly integrate neural and behavioral data in a single data file. All events are timestamped and recorded for easy offline analysis.

The addition of the Subject Interface supports electrical stimulation and closed loop protocols. The RZ5Ds many I/O options give you the flexibility to trigger stimulation based on external events or control behavioral devices such as pellet feeders, liquid dispensers, or shockers. This system delivers the full benefit of the System 3 line of processors.

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Experimental Control and Design with Synapse Software

Spike detection and LFP analysis


Synapse provides function specific Gizmos and experiment templates to automate all but the highest level design steps.


Synapse Software interface


A streamlined software interface automates DSP level programming to bring speed and ease to complex experiment design tasks.

Synapse Suite


User Configurable RPvdsEX


Create your own User Gizmos, using RPvdsEx, for custom processing or signal averaging.