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Lab Rat Ephys

Inexpensive, portable electrophysiology system

The Lab Rat is TDT’s all-in-one, portable neurophysiology system for scientists at any stage of their career interested in starting electrophysiology experiments. This high-value system comes with all of the hardware and software needed to start experiments immediately and features many of the exciting benefits of more advanced TDT product lines.

Research Uses


  • Surgical Training
  • Behavioral Neuroscience
  • Teaching Neuroscience Methods
  • Sensory Stimulation and Recording

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Lab Rat Key Features

Lab Rat is a complete neurophysiology platform that connects via USB 3.0 and supports real-time spike sorting and visualization. The Lab Rat has a 16 channel high-quality, analog amplification for recording many biologic signal types, including single units, LFPs, EEG and EMG.

A digital input is included to support direct recording from Intan-based digitizing headstages or electrodes. The Lab Rat also includes two channels of general purpose ADC and DAC and 16 bits of TTL I/O, easily allowing flexible interfacing options.

Develop and Test Experiments - Whenever, Wherever

Lab Rat comes fully assembled with everything you need to get started with experiments.

  • For acute single unit recordings – a 16-channel high impedance headstage and cable.
  • For low impedance electrode recordings – a passive four-channel touch-proof breakout adapter.
  • Disposable surface electrodes are also included.

Whether you are new to recording neural signals or are ready to carry out a full neurophysiology experiment, Lab Rat is ready to go.

Lab Rat is self-powered and connects to a PC via high-speed USB 3.0. This enables you set up your rig for upcoming recordings, start designing experiments, and perform experiment debugging and testing whenever you want.

Synapse Lite Software

Lab Rat comes bundled with Synapse Lite, which includes much of the amazing functionality found in the full versions of TDT’s Synapse Suite. Using Synapse, easily create highly-customized experiments and control each step of the signal processing.

Synapse Lite relies on Corpus, TDT’s virtual DSP software that facilitates real-time signal processing without dedicated DSP hardware. Whether you are new to electrophysiology, training students or teaching neuroscience methods, TDT’s Lab Rat is an extremely cost-effective way to get started!

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