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The Lab Rat Entry Level Recording System


The Lab Rat introduces new TDT users to the powerful capabilities of TDT hardware and software and provides current users with a quality teaching and training tool, at an affordable cost.

The Lab Rat is a complete entry-level neurophysiology recording system that allows users to create and execute full neurophysiology experiments with just a laptop, an idea, and a Lab Rat.

Using TDT's state of the art neural recording software, Synapse, the Lab Rat can acquire up to 16 channels of high-fidelity analog signals from any biopotentials, and up to 32 channels from Intan-based digital headstages, at up to ~25 kHz. It can even generate its own artificial data so you can design and test experiments without a connected subject.

The Lab Rat serves as the data acquisition and digital & analog I/O interface for TDT's hardware emulation platform, Corpus.

System Requirements

  • Microsoft® Windows® 7 or later

  • 2.0GHz or faster processor (Intel® Core™2 Duo)

  • 2GB of RAM (more recommended)

  • 1GB of available hard-disk space for installation

  • 1024x768 display (1280x800 or higher recommended) with OpenGL-compatible graphics card, and 64MB of VRAM (128MB or higher recommended)

  • USB 3.0 port

Opening the Box

Lab Rat System with custom carrying case - inside the box.

The Lab Rat System comes shipped inside a custom carrying case and includes the following:

  1. The Lab Rat Interface Module (LR10) - The main recording and communications interface of the Lab Rat system.

  2. AC16LR Headstage and Cable - A 16-channel high impedance headstage for acute recordings.

  3. SB4 Connector - A passive four-channel touch-proof to DB26 breakout adapter for low impedance electrode recordings.

  4. USB 3.0 Cable - This USB cable serves as the communication line between the Lab Rat Interface and your computer. One C-to-C cable is included and one A-to-C adapter.

  5. Disposable Surface Electrodes

    Please see the Lab Rat Tutorial videos after software installation for a demo experiment setup using these electrodes. More electrodes can be acquired from Rhythmlink.

  6. USB stick with Synapse Lite software - This 4GB USB stick contains the installation package for Synapse Lite software and Lab Rat Tutorial videos to get you started.

AC16LR Cable Orientation

Align the silver marking on the headstage connector with the upper silver dot on the AC16LR. The red lines of the connector ribbon cable should be on the same side.

AC16LR Pinout Diagram, looking into the pins

AC16LR Technical Specifications

Input Range (±2.5 V supply) ±1.9 V
Input Impedance 1013 Ω
Input Referred Noise 3 µVRMS (300 Hz - 3 kHz)
6 µVRMS (30 Hz - 8 kHz)
Headstage Gain Unity (1x)