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Controlling the Lab Rat in Synapse

The Big Picture

The LR10 interface module in Synapse is the nexus for all interactions with the Lab Rat. The LR10 is independent in the processing tree. However, the acquisition processing and I/O functionality are internally dependent on Corpus and emulated RZ2 hardware.

The LR10 interface module is covered in more detail in the Synapse Manual.

Settings for analog and digital amplifiers, simulated neural data generation for experiment testing, and multi I/O communications are modified within the LR10. The picture below is a big picture look at the LR10 object when Synapse Lite is first opened.

Learning More

To learn more about elements that could not be covered in full detail in this manual, such as TDT System 3, Corpus, or Synapse, please see the System 3 Manual and Synapse Manual.

Click this button on the upper right of Synapse Lite to jump to the Lab Rat section of the Synapse Manual for more detailed information on the specific settings and functionality.

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Ready To Do More?

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