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DPM1 Microphone

DPOAEs or Distortion Products Otoacoustic Emissions are a keystone technique for understanding hearing loss and hair cell loss in preclinical animal models. Engineers at TDT saw a need for a high-quality probe microphone for DPOAEs and they delivered.

TDT’s DPM1 is a low-noise high-gain probe microphone. It is designed for recording distortion products from primates and preclinical models of hearing loss in rats, mice, gerbils, and other model organisms.

The innovative design uses a state-of-the-art microphone with a frequency bandwidth of up to 40kHz. This allows users to accurately record the two frequencies and the DPOAE.


Research Uses

Product Specs

The DPM1 uses a battery-powered amplifier board to minimize electromagnetic noise and maximize signal-to-noise and Dynamic range during records.

The probe insert is molded to minimize the potential of constructive and destructive waves before and after they reach the round window.  This ensures that a distortion product is a true distortion product.

TDT’s kit includes the signal amplifier, batteries, the probe microphone with cable, the necessary ear tips for recording from primates, and options for recording from small mammals for preclinical research.