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iL Module

The iL24 is designed for researchers with DIY behavioral devices. It provides easy integration via standard digital logical and TTL interfaces. The system easily detects external triggers from devices such as FED3 or allows users to control third party devices.

The module is a robust replacement for Arduino or other micro-controls. The iL24 has the same level of time and precision as all TDT hardware and provides an easier interface for behavioral control when paired with TDT’s python environment, Pynapse.

Research Uses


Behavioral Neuroscience

The iL24 features:

  • 12 inputs and 12 outputs of either 3.3 V or 5 V TTL logic signals for your third party devices and microcontroller-based systems
  • Integrated manifold with 16 BNC connectors to connect to third party devices
  • 8 BNC connectors that access 4 inputs and 4 outputs
  • Toggle between TTL (5 volts) and low power 3.3 CMOS
  • Status lights to indicate which events are triggered
  • Inputs and outputs can be named in our Synapse software, allowing you save the event information with your other recording data