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iV Module

The iV2 video capture system brings precision video to your behavioral neuroscience experiment. The system provides high spatial and temporal resolution to your subject recordings. Perfect video integration without the need for third party hardware and software.

The module can capture precisely timed video from up to 2 cameras. Watch your subject as they go through the stages of your experiment with a video system you can trust – very high frame rates and never any frame loss.

The iV2 has perfect synchronization to the primary clock that powers all TDT devices.


Research Uses


  • Behavioral Neuroscience

Related Components

Your video setup is this easy. Grab a picture, determine the size of the recording area, figure out how fast you need to capture the video, and verify the system can handle the load.

The iV2 features include

  • High quality video compress with minimal signal loss
  • Video acquisition from up to two cameras at once with perfect synchronization
  • 160 fps at 800 x 600 resolution (0.5 megapixels)
  • 2 megapixel resolution at 40 fps
  • Realtime video viewing through Synapse
  • Precise frame capture for offline analysis in DeepLabCut or the software of your choice