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Subject Interface

Improve your stimulation paradigm with TDT’s versatile Subject Interface (SI). Customize up to 128 channels of stimulation or recording and mix and match isolated stimulation and neural signal recording in one versatile device. The SI programmable stimulator and amplifier features new electrical stimulation capabilities, delivering complex stimulus patterns with unprecedented precision and flexibility, and can carry multiple banks of high fidelity stimulation and recording in one versatile device.

Research Uses

Product Specs


  • Spike-triggered stimulation
  • Designed for human, non-human primate, and small mammal use
  • Multi-modal signal integration (including single unit, LFP, and ECoG)
  • Simultaneous animal recording
  • Deep brain stimulation

Isolated Stimulation and Neural Signal Recording

  • Customize up to 8 banks with stimulation, analog and digital recording (up to 128 channels of stimulation or recording mix and match)
  • Stimulate up to 5 mA per channel with 10 nA resolution and +/-15V compliance
  • Deliver stimuli in current or voltage mode
  • Combine multiple banks to increase stimulation current and/or compliance voltage
  • Charge balance built into SI hardware and TDT’s Synapse Software
  • Generate complex pulse trains with integrated Synapse software