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RZ6 Multi-I/O Processor

The RZ6 is a high-frequency auditory signal processor. As a core TDT system, the RZ6 is a series of fast signal processors that handle real-time signal generation, acquisition, filtering, and analysis. The RZ6 can sample up to 200 kHz and provides smooth signal generation and acquisition for frequencies up to 88 kHz.

Analog inputs and outputs on the RZ6 are audio quality and have 24-bit resolution and over 115 dB of dynamic range. High quality analog attenuators improve the signal quality at low intensities. Wide-band power amplifiers are also included to drive our speakers up to the maximum possible frequency and intensity.

For data acquisition, we provide high quality signal amplifiers for calibrated and probe microphones. For collecting ABRs and other evoked potentials, TDT also has the quietest amplifier in the business, the MedusaZ. This amplifier has a large input range, excellent dynamic range, and a noise floor of less than half a milliVolt.

Research Uses

Product Specs


  • Animal screening for auditory studies
  • Sound generation and data acquisition
  • Auditory evoked potentials and DPOAEs
  • Bio and Psychoacoustics
  • Auditory neuroscience
  • Fear conditioning and startle response studies

The RZ6 is an all-inclusive system equipped with:

  • Speaker, headphone, and electrostatic speaker drivers
  • Programmable and manual attenuators
  • XLR and audio jack microphone inputs
  • Monitor speaker
  • 24-bit digital I/O
  • Input for Medusa4z amplifier (RZ6-A-P1)

RZ6 Multi-I/O Processor Specifications Sheet


The RZ6-A-P1 Processor

The RZ6-A-P1 has three signal processors that can handle complex filtering and high-frequency stimulus delivery (up to 88 kHz).

When used with the MedusaZ and BioSigRZ, the RZ6 provides a perfect system for auditory evoked potentials, such as ABRs, SEPs, and ECochGs. The addition of BioSigRZ also allows you to acquire DPOAE and other otoacoustic emissions.

The RZ6 is powerful enough to record several channels of electrophysiology along with high frequency auditory presentation. For higher channel count electrophysiology (single-unit, LFP, EEG, etc), the RZ5D or RZ2 can be added for synchronized ephys and auditory stimulation.


The RZ6-A Base Processor

The RZ6 processor is a less powerful but cost-effective solution for auditory presentation. It is designed for psychoacoustic and animal studies that do not require high sampling rates (<100 kHz).

The RZ6 can handle simple bioacoustics studies for recording and playing back sounds to any animal. The system is designed for easy connection to headphone buffers and analog inputs for microphones. Expand your functionality with a PZ5 amplifier for your simultaneous EEG studies.