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This robust auditory research system gets things done. The versatile RZ6 Auditory Processor can provide complex auditory stimulation or reliable animal screening, day after day. High bandwidth provides a dynamic range of up to 115 dB and sampling rates up to ~200 kHz. Built-in attenuators, speaker and microphone amplifiers and even a monitor speaker greatly simplify setup and reduces both the overall footprint of the system and the number of cords needed. The RZ6 quickly connects to the MedusaZ amplifier for low-noise recordings. The power of the RZ6, combined with flexible input/output capabilities, make it ideal for pre-clinical auditory research experiments, from psychoacoustics to rapid phenotyping of deafness models.

Coupled with our proven BioSigRZ software, the Auditory Workstation is well-suited for Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR) screening, evoked potential research, and Distortion Product Otoacoustic Emissions (DPOAE) testing. The BioSigRZ protocol can be set once then effortlessly handed-off to technicians for routine testing. Our proven BioSigRZ signal averaging software includes standard experiments to get you started and provides enough flexibility to grow with your lab.

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Software Brings All the Features You Need:

BioSigRZ, ABR & DPOE Screening

  • Full signal averaging and analysis capabilities
  • Real-time visualization of averaged waveforms
  • Real-time speaker normalization
  • Artifact rejection
  • Peak, latency and comparison overlay analysis
  • Auto-cursoring and data manipulation
  • Easy configuration for rapid animal screening and hearing screening

BioSigRZ is an easy-to-use tool designed for rapid animal screening.

BioSigRZ automates presentation of auditory stimuli and acquisition of ABR and DPOAE responses. BioSigRZ let’s you design stimuli or use pre-set templates, and you can adjust auditory parameters on the fly. BioSigRZ is compatible with the RZ6 Multi I/O processor.

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