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TDT’s solution for Behavioral Control is designed for simplicity and integration.

Orchestrate your behavior paradigms and other neuroscience experiments – from the same software, on the same computer, using one system. This system easily connects to your current TDT setup and consists of two main components:

  • iCon (hardware): a straightforward modular behavioral control interface designed to work with third-party behavioral chambers during both training and experimentation
  • Pynapse (software): control the iCon with TDT’s Synapse software and customize your experiment with the powerful Pynapse Gizmo
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System Components


A Modular Behavioral Control Interface

The iCon is a simple-to-use behavioral control interface designed to support both easy and complex experiments. It can control most third-party behavioral chambers with interchangeable modules that fit the needs of any experimental paradigm. The iCon connects directly to any of TDT’s RZ processors and can be controlled with TDT’s Synapse software — resulting in high-bandwidth, precision control of behavioral hardware with real-time signal monitoring.

Transition Seamlessly from Subject Training to Research in a Single System

The iCon is flexible enough to work with your specific needs, whether you’re in the training process or further along into your research. Because of its modular design, the iCon can be easily reconfigured to transition through each stage of your experimentation.


Complete Experimental Control

Pynapse is a coding interface for controlling event-driven behavior and performing closed-loop studies. Pynapse has a Python-based programming environment with built-in autocomplete to assist with coding. For behavior paradigms, Pynapse controls behavior inputs and outputs, such as lever presses, nose pokes, and pellet dispensers, and also drives event-based behavioral states. Pynapse also processes data from our Synapse software online, such as calculating neural firing rates and averaging evoked responses.

Pynapse has two aspects:

  • A behavioral control interface for TDT’s iCon hardware to directly control behavioral devices, such as levers and feeders.
  • A Python programming environment for event-based coding that processes incoming signals for tight closed-loop control.