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The iConZ is a stand-alone processor for behavioral neuroscience. The device contains all the components necessary for precise timing and control of behavioral events along with controls for auditory and aversive stimulation, integrated with video or fiber photometry signals.

The iConZ, like all TDT processors, has built-in signal processors that run a real-time operating system, all controlled by our Synapse Software. Each iConZ connects to a computer via a USB 3.0 interface (no interface card required!). Once connected to the Pynapse coding environment, the iCon is ready to run any behavioral task.


The iConZ differs from the iCon by removing the need for an external TDT processor.

All of the processing power you need to control your behavioral paradigm is contained within the iConZ.

Research Uses


  • Behavioral
  • Fiber Photometry

Related Components

Populate your iConZ with interchangeable modules that customize it to the experimental paradigm you want to execute.


The Software

Pynapse is a Python-based coding environment for behavioral control. TDT designed the system from the ground up to provide a simple-to-use behavioral interface. TDT’s implementation of Python is built around two features:

The first is a state-based interface, that uses a mixture of timers and subject responses to determine the next behavioral state, whether it is reward, punishment, or a specific sensory cue, such as light, sound, or smell.

The second is an autocomplete function that removes the need for arcane symbols to indicate inputs and outputs. Pynapse intuits what options are available within the event and provides you with a context dependent menu for coding your behavioral experiment.



Each iConZ houses up to 6 independent modules designed for a specialized task.

These modules control behavioral devices, drive analog signals such as speakers, capture video, deliver aversive stimulation detect animal movement, and acquire fiber photometry signals.