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MF1 Multi-Field Magnetic Speakers

TDT’s MF1 Multi-Field Magnetic Speakers (available in mono or stereo) offer high output and fidelity over a wide bandwidth and deliver more power at lower frequencies than our ES1 & EC1 Electrostatic Speakers. With ultrasonic ranges up to 65 kHz, the MF1 is well-suited for laboratory species with lower frequency hearing and for noise exposure studies.

Research Uses


  • Mice and rat hearing
  • Recommended for rats, guinea pigs, cats, and monkeys
  • Noise exposure

Adaptable Research Use

Speaker Selection Guide

Capable of capturing below 1 kHz, the MF1 has detachable tips that allow you to switch between open and closed-field operation.  The closed-field configuration incorporates an internal parabolic cone designed to maximize output and minimize distortion.

Multi-Purpose Positioning

Speakers feature rugged aluminum housing and a built-in, 8-32 threaded hole for use with standard laboratory mounting hardware. The mono speaker includes an aluminum stand and the stereo speaker set includes a variety of aluminum mount/base fittings for easier positioning.

A Precision Power Amplifier

SA1 Stereo Power Amp

The Stereo Power Amp is capable of delivering up to 1.5 Watts per channel to a pair of speakers or 3.0 Watts to a single speaker in ganged output mode. The SA1 is a stereo device with excellent channel separation and low signal distortion and noise. It has a flat frequency response from 50 Hz to 200 kHz. The output gain can be set between 0 and -27 dB in 3 dB steps.