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ES1 & EC1 Electrostatic Speakers

TDT Electrostatic Speakers are designed specifically for ultrasonic signal production. Our patented electrostatic design features a thin, flexible membrane with an extremely low moving mass. Unlike conventional speakers, our Electrostatics distribute the driving signal homogeneously over the surface of the membrane. Feel confident in your research when exceeding an ultrasonic range of 110 kHz.

Choose between the ES1 – Free Field Electrostatic Speaker and the EC1 – Coupler Model Electrostatic Speaker.

Research Uses


Light Weight, User Friendly Design

ES1 & EC1 Electrostatic Speakers

Available with or without a coupler, both models are easy to position and are particularly well suited for studies with small animals that have hearing in the ultrasonic range. The speakers are driven by the ED1 Electrostatic Speaker Driver, a broadband electrostatic driver that produces incredibly flat frequency responses reaching far into the ultrasonic range.

Built for TDT Electrostatic Speakers

ED1 Speaker Driver

Two input BNCs accept signals up to 10 V peak. The front panel gain control can be used to control the overall signal level of both channels from 0 to -27 dB in 3 dB steps. Output is via two 4-pin, mini-DIN connectors, which carry both bias and signal voltages. This driver is designed to work exclusively with TDT Electrostatic Speakers and can drive two speakers for stereo operation.