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iR Module – IR Driver Interface

The iRx module provides a simple way to detect animal placement in real time. The power comes from an IR LED and detector pair, controlled through the iRx, which users place across the region of interest. An event is triggered when a beam break is detected.

The system works in all behavioral boxes, mazes, and free-field environments, such as a raised platform.

The iRx module has 5 or 10 pairs of IR LEDs and detectors, giving you full flexibility to fit them to your experiment:

  • Dial in the correct power to provide a constant beam source for beam break detection.
  • Add two pairs in succession to detect the placement and orientation of the subject.


Standard feature of all iCon modules

  • Precise timing control of all inputs and outputs, with fixed or continuous duration signals

  • User friendly names for all device controls 
  • Run time control of all variables such as frequency, intensity, and duration
  • Seamless integration with Pynapse for your behavioral experiments 


Standard Features of Synapse and Pynapse

  • Run time control of cue lights, feeders, and your other behavioral devices
  • Display all behavioral events – such as lever presses and rewards – in real time to allow for rapid and efficient changes to task requirements
  • Quickly design a simple or complex task using the integrated Python coding

Features of the iRx module

  • Easy to configure and setup beam breaks to mark when animals move between arenas.
  • Setup beam breaks close to each other to detect animal direction and position
  • Trigger external events based on animal placement, such as optogenetic stimulation
  • Support 5 or 10 infrared sensor beams