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iA Module

The iA4 is a precision, four-channel amplifier module for the iCon platform.  The iA4 module is built with the time-proven and direct-digital amplifier circuits pioneered by TDT.  The iA4 employs true differential amplification and isolated high-resolution digitization to provide extremely low noise recordings for sleep and epilepsy research.

The iA4 is fully integrated into Synapse with features like frequency response controlled via software.  Built-in impedance checking supports scanning electrode impedance via the Synapse software or with the push of a button on the device’s front panel.

When used with an iConZ, the iA4 can be connected to a laptop via USB3 for a low-cost portable recording system.


Research Uses

Product Specs

  • Behavioral Neuroscience
  • Sleep Research
Channels: 4
Noise: 100 nv typical for EMG (differential)
400 nv typical for EEG (single-ended)
Sample Rates: 3, 6, 12, 25, and 50 kHz
Max Input Voltage: 12 mV differential
Highpass Filtering: 0.3 to 60 Hz user selectable
Lowpass Filtering: 300 Hz to 20 KHz based on sample rate
Input Impedance: 100 kOhm

Standard features of all iCon modules

  • Precise timing control of all inputs and outputs, with fixed or continuous duration signals
  • Perfect synchronization with external behavioral events such as cue lights, lever presses, and more 
  • User friendly names for all device controls 
  • Run time control of all variables such as frequency, intensity, and duration
  • Seamless integration with Pynapse for your behavioral experiments 


Features of the iA module

  • Ability to record 24/7 for long term sleep studies and epilepsy recordings. No need to recharge, the iA4 is powered directly from the iCon
  • Simplified connection to standard Plastic one commutators and head caps from the touch proof connectors on the front panel
  • Large input range of +/- 12.5 mVolts to minimize signal saturation during seizures
  • Signal resolution of less than 10 nanovolts due to its 24-bit resolution with oversampling
  • Integration with your fiber photometry system for long term sleep and EEG recordings