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Publication Spotlight: Chen Lab

February 17, 2022


Congratulations Cruttenden et al and the Chen lab at the University of Minnesota, who recently published a paper in IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging, entitled “Towards Completely Sampled Extracellular Neural Recordings during fMRI”. DOI: 10.1109/TMI.2022.3149002.

Main Findings:

Cruttenden et al successfully extracted full bandwidth action potentials and LFPs from neural recordings taken during an fMRI scan. This denoising algorithm makes it possible to recover neural signals during fMRI gradient interference.


Cruttenden et al used a two-step approach: 1) artifact removal via template subtraction and 2) a single value decomposition on the residuals to reconstruct the neural signals. The algorithm was tested on artificial and recorded datasets.

What TDT equipment was used?

This group is one of the first to publish using TDT’s ephys system for spike recordings during fMRI. This is possible because TDT’s PZ5 amplifier has a large input range (+/- 500 mV) and excellent signal resolution (<250 nanoVolts). This ensures perfect signal fidelity during the MRI scan with no signal saturation. The group also used TDT’s MRI compatible headstage (LP16CH-ZNF) and the RZ2 processor.


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